At the beginning of 2015, for nearly 4 months we implemented the brand change for our long-standing client A Aptieka. Now the pharmacy network is called Apotheka and it is a single network in all three Baltic states.

In just under four months we changed the outdoor signboards and indoor logos – now the sign Apotheka can be seen in more than 80 pharmacies in Latvia. We also implemented the new indoor concept at more than 10 pharmacies, for example at Riga International Airport, the shopping centres Rīga Plaza, Spice and other locations. We prepared more than 150 highlighted Apotheka logos, more than 60 of which were light letter sets with the letter height from 150 mm to 1500 mm, more than 50 perpendicular boxes, and several hundred metres of composite material boxes.

Jānis Kūliņš, Managing Director, Board Member: “Our company has been successfully cooperating with SIA Kvikworks since 2011 and during our cooperation Kvikworks and their employees have provided exquisite service in making, designing and mounting the light boxes at A Aptieka” branches, as well as co-ordinating our advertising with the authorities in Latvia. The works were done on time and they were of the utmost quality, therefore A Aptieka recruited the Kvikworks team to design and mount the new brand boards across the Baltics.”  

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