A work environment where the form creates the energy, the light creates thoughts and the colour reveals the truth of intentions.

Our company is new, however, when combining the diverse experience of our employees, our total experience amounts to almost 100 years! Some of us have been in the field for 20 years already, while others have joined just recently.

This enthusiastic and inspiring combination comes from valuable and years-long experience, which is still adventurous and innovative. We wish to be an environmentally-friendly company, an honest and innovative partner to our clients and a loyal employer to our staff.

Our mission is to create qualitative, functional and sustainable products which significantly contribute to our clients’ short-term and long-term development. Our vision is to enter new European markets, to become the most favoured employer in the industry and to be the most loyal partner to our clients.


We want to invest our time in developing non-standard and sophisticated designs, preparing calculations and making our clients’ ideas come true.

We are qualified professionals – engineers, technical project managers, designers and technicians.

We offer personalised services and we are flexible. We produce sustainable products of superb quality.

We guarantee that our quality matches your investment.We are quick and organised.

We are active in being “green”.

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